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Hello and welcome to MoonShine Games. Here you will find all my new games and a load of old stuff. I have been working on a number of VR games for the past 10 years and loving it using a mix of headsets Oculus Rift + Oculus Quest, Pimax Portal, HTC Vive, HTC Flow, Pico

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Immerse yourself in 'Connor,' a VR shooter blending action, driving, and platforming. As agent Connor. Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure a seasoned agent propelled into a high-stakes mission when his wife is abducted by the Hive, a shadowy rival organization hell-bent on reshaping the world.

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Bobble Wobble

Fun little puzzle game with the Bobble Wobbles

Push your little Bobble Wobble into the other Bobbles to reach the end goal, once all Bobbles are in place you can move to the next level.

50 Levels to unlock with this challenging little VR Puzzle Game

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Tabula rasa

As Captain of the X76 mining craft you find your self trapped in a black hole in the outer realm and you must find your way out.

With limited contact with the control station you find yourself alone.



Welcome to The Cove its a VR pirate adventure game. Featuring sailing, treasure hunting, shooting the undead crew of Captain Blackbeard who has put a curse on the whole area and will not let you leave. This demo is a slice of what to expect in the full game.



Twitter: MoonShine Games @MarkLedson

Donations welcomed and will help make the future of The Cove bigger and better


Tree or Trophy  OUT NOW SEASON 2 

"Tree or Trophy" An VR #OculusQuest2 arcade racer 

Modes included:

Single Player



Time Trail

Also Multiplayer has 4 Player online crazy racing

The game will have 4 themed areas to race

with each themed area being released in seasons

The 1st Season:

Rally Bump featuring 10 different on/offroad stages

+ 2 Bonus stages from the Showtime area

The 2nd Season: 

Showtime featuring 10 crazy Wipeout style stages

The 3rd Season:

Artic Blast featuring 10 snow and ice stages ready for the Winter

The 4th Season:

Splash Mash featuring 10 high speed on the water stages

All Seasons will be included free as an update package

For more info keep a eye on


Twitter: MoonShine Games @MarkLedson


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