Hello and welcome to MoonShine Games. Here you will find all my new games and a load of old stuff. I have been working on a number of VR games for the past few years and loving it using the Oculus Rift .




New Buggy Bump Demo OUT NOW!


The Buggy Bump festival is calling you.

In the full game you will race in 3 modes of play 

  1. Championship mode

  2. Arcade mode

  3. Time Trail

Day and night courses 

In the Arcade.Championship mode you will race - against 3  computer controller Buggy's.

Switch between VR mode or play on your screen.


New Buggy Bump Demo OUT NOW!





Jake and the Giant is an couch Co-Op / asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game.

1 Vs 1 with the VR player controlling the powerful Giant from the headset with the controllers. The onscreen PC player controls Jake the little hero in this VR/desktop adventure using a gamepad

Jake has been swept away in a balloon ride he will never forget, he crashed onto a floating cloud island where he stumbles into a Giant house. 
Jake must find all the gold in each room, before he is able to find the exit.
Meanwhile the powerful Giant searches for him armed with his tools of destruction. The Toxic CBow which arrows are covered in deadly goo
and the great club of doom.
If Jake is caught he we never return home and the Giant would have his feed.