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Welcome to The Cove its a VR pirate adventure game. Featuring sailing, treasure hunting, shooting the undead crew of Captain Blackbeard who has put a curse on the whole area and will not let you leave. This demo is a slice of what to expect in the full game.



Twitter: MoonShine Games @MarkLedson

Donations welcomed and will help make the future of The Cove bigger and better



Jake and the Giant is an couch Co-Op / asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game.

1 Vs 1 with the VR player controlling the powerful Giant from the headset with the controllers. The onscreen PC player controls Jake the little hero in this VR/desktop adventure using a gamepad

Jake has been swept away in a balloon ride he will never forget, he crashed onto a floating cloud island where he stumbles into a Giant house. 
Jake must find all the gold in each room, before he is able to find the exit.
Meanwhile the powerful Giant searches for him armed with his tools of destruction. The Toxic CBow which arrows are covered in deadly goo
and the great club of doom.
If Jake is caught he we never return home and the Giant would have his feed.

Rollercoaster Projects


A downloadable game for Windows

Buy Now £2.00 GBP or more

Experience an unique thrill ride / roller coaster inside VR. Put together to go with the music, music mixed with the thrill of a roller coaster ride. Small but fun ride.

No Control

A downloadable game

Buy Now £3.00 GBP or more

Experience an unique thrill ride / roller coaster in the clouds. Put together to go with the music its an all in one package, music mixed with the thrill of a rollercoaster ride.


A downloadable game for Windows

Buy Now£5.00 GBP or more


5 unique thrill ride / roller coasters inside VR. Put together to go with the music, music mixed with the thrill of a roller coaster ride.

REALLY Old Projects

The Adventures of Max Fear
Follow Max Fear into the deepest caves known to ....Max. Work your way through 7 levels with all your platforming skills
Came up with the idea after a day trip to a fun park, you take control of a little RC Camper van and race around the track. No winners just a time limit.
The Watcher 


The Watcher. A game where you find yourself in a surreal nightmare, you must find your way home and look for the Exit on each level. But as you move on the Watcher becomes a problem and could stop you getting back.

Turret Commander VR dEMO


Turret Commander VR is game for the Oculus Rift DK2 in which you are the turret and it's your job to last the fire fight from the invading UFO's. 


In the new V2 there are a number of updates, new levels,sfx,art,music. all been redone and taking the player to a onrails level and then fighting above the Earth 



Simple to play game just find the exit on each level to move on.

* Try to beat your own score on each of the challenging levels.
* The music builds on each level
* Beat the UFO
* Simple gameplay each level only 25 seconds

Sub Sub


You are SubSub, an amazing machine that collects different life forms from hundreds of distant planet.

You start by visiting your first planet which is based underwater. Collect all the "Orbs" on each level and once done it your job to find your way out, please take care as there are many baddies out are waiting to hurt you. As there planet is dying they will try and stop you from leaving.

* Different art style on each level.

* Original Game Music.

* Collect Orb's.

* Maze style gamplay.

* Can you find your way to the whirlpool.

Sub Sub Catch




You control SubSub left and right to catch all the Orb's in the given time frame. But watch out for the mines as they will knock your points back. What score could you get?
* Fun simple catch game.
* Try and beat your score.
* Simple control one finger will do.



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